It's never been easier to compare your 401(k) plan.

As your company grows, your 401(k) plan grows with it and it can be tough to know if your plan is remaining competitive.

Compare your plan to industry leaders, focusing on the four critical areas that should be assessed annually.

Plan Costs
Plan Investments
Plan Administration
Participant Experience

Improve Employee Outcomes

If your employees are unaware of the benefits that are available through your current provider and advisor, they may be leaving some money on the table.

With the help of Beacon Financial's investment fiduciary advisors and Vanguard’s Retirement Plan Access platform, participants receive the guidance and service needed to help improve their retirement outcomes.

  • Customized Plan Design
  • Individual and Group Employee Education
  • Unprecented Access to Investment Options

Reduce Plan Costs


401(k) plans are powerful savings tools, and they can be a valuable employee benefit. But depending on the 401(k) provider you are using, your employees could be spending too much to participate in your plan.

Allow Beacon Financial Services to uncover potential savings opportunities for you and your employees by running a complimentary plan comparison.

Reduce Fiduciary Risk


As your retirement plan advocate, Beacon Financial advisors sit on the same side of the table and take on responsibilities as an investment co-fiduciary.

Together, we implement strategies that may help reduce risk:

  • Perform Quarterly Find Performance Reports
  • Provide Online Access to Plan Documents
  • Help Identify and Eliminate Excessive Fees
  • Assist with Plan Design and Vendor Analysis

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